Crop Top – What Style To Choose

Crop Top – What Style To Choose

Your complete Crop Top fashion guide is here.
Today you will find out what is the best way to style a crop top in 2020, what colors and fabrics to choose.

So let’s start.

Crop Top

1. Trendy Combination

Crop top trend came to fashion game at the time when high rise pants and skirts were escalated in their popularity. And now this fashion combo is beloved by many of us. And no wonder why–the combination of crop top and high rise pants or skirts are the best. From casual to city chic look to night out look – it’s possible to create an outfit for any occasion.
And the most wonderful about it – it suits any body.

To shop these looks and to see the best Crop Top 2020 by editor choice scroll to the end.

The latest trendy style combo for a crop top is low rise pants or skirt. This trend wave recently came back from 2000s fashion. Therefore you can see the outfits with a crop top and low rise pants on New York and Los Angeles streets.

Style tip for the low rise: if your body type allows you to combine a crop top with low rise pants– go ahead and try that trendy combo. And if your body type is more Curve– prefer to go with high rise pants instead.

Crop top and low rise

2. Style and Colors

It’s important to know that the style of tops changes with time. So right now in 2020, the trendy crop top style is fitted style, another name – tight fit.

Style tip: wear a fitted crop top with an oversized blazer and a slim leather belt.

Crop top with blazer @modedamour

Photo: @modedamour

A fitted crop top can have a different neckline style. But the ones that are in fashion right now and look good are square necklines with wide strap–similar to Tank Top look.

Crop top @modedamour

Photo: @modedamour

Another trendy style neckline is strapless crop top. Most of the time it is used for a night-out look.

Style tip: for casual look wear it with paperwaist high rise pants, cargo pants or baggy loose fit jeans. Remember the style principle–when top is fitted, the bottom needs to be a loose fit and vice versa. Of course, exceptions happened but when you follow this principle your style being on point is guaranteed.

Crop top and Cargo Pants

Black Crop top

Scroll to the end to shop these look.

The stylish color for tops in 2020 is an ecru color scheme – from off white to beige colors. The secondary colors are pure white and black. The last is must-have when you need to create an evening look. Of course, it is possible to go with a white color choice for an evening look during summertime. Otherwise, black is more often used.

3. Ribbed Fabric

Extremely in trend is ribbed tops. It’s casual fabric that suits the day time outfits the best. If you are getting ready for a night out event we would recommend choosing different patterns and fabrics.

Crop Top Ribbed

4. Night Out Look

A strapless crop top is the first choice you may think to go with. And, It’s true– it will never go out of style for a night-out look.

On the other hand, the long sleeve crop top is likewise great for evening looks. And here is why. Long sleeve crop top gives you the ability to play with fabric combinations – therefore you can choose one fabric for sleeve another for the rest. It gives you more creativity. Also when you have long sleeve crop top you less worry what to wear on top, that what you usually do with strapless top.

Night Out Crop Top

Silk, leather, and metal – those are the stylish fabric choices that suit night out events the best.
The outstanding fabrics combination for the 2020s evening look is silk and leather. Those two look exceptional together.

One-shoulder Crop Tops always look more dressy than rest, that’s why those are a good choice for night out or cocktail events as well.

Crop top @shonajoy_

Photo: @shonajoy_

Style tip: Try transparent long sleeves for a dramatic look, optional crystal application. When you choose a crop top for night out– the most important is a fabric choice, secondary is a style. Avoid cotton, ribbed and floral print– better choose silk, leather, one tone and transparent fabrics.

Black Crop Top

Try silk long sleeve crop top and leather pants combination to create a mind-blowing evening look.

To save your time on research we prepare a Cute Crop Tops Guide for you with shoppable links. Enjoy!

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2000s Fashion – How To Rock This Trend In 2020

2000s Fashion – How To Rock This Trend In 2020

Lately, a new dynamic has been spotted: early 2000s fashion. Supermodels Emily Ratajkowski, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber were strolling New York and Los Angeles streets in outfits reminiscent of 2000s fashion. Celebrities and models have always been trendsetters and often lead the way in new trends.  So by seeing them wearing something from the 2000s, makes us think… a new trend might be on its way.  And if so, one can’t help but ask: how long will it hold?

Low Rise Jeans

Low rise baggy trousers or jeans, cargo style pants, joggers or jeans, crop tops, graphic tees, leather outfits, and platform shoes– all identifying with 2000s fashion. 

You may be not thrilled to see the low rise trend back in the fashion game. And it’s completely expected — to rock low rise pants with crop top requires one to have the shape to pull it off. As the main point of the early 2000s fashion is to show off perfect abs. Indeed, it can be challenging for most of us.

Who knows if this fashion trend will last; but if you love fashion, you need to be aware of this trend and know how to style it.

Let’s take a closer look at 2000s fashion trends and see how celebrities style them in 2020!


Leather Outfits

Leather outfits were another hot trend in the early 2000s fashion. The most commonly used colors were red and black at that time. You can see Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Spice Girls wearing total leather outfits in the early 2000s.
2000s fashion

2000s fashion

This year at fashion week 2020, many designers presented new collections with leather outfits. Everything in leather: leather pants, leather tops, leather coats, leather jumpsuits, leather skirts, leather dresses, wet leather look, matte leather look, and on and on. Catwalks were shining with leather as they were shown off in different shapes, colors, and silhouettes.  



So if you’re thinking to go with this trend, here are a few style tips:

1. Get loose style leather pants, don’t go with skinny pants anymore. High rise pants style is still in fashion- along with low rise pants. Both are popular now, so either option is acceptable. The key is to choose what suits your body the best. Also, a great choice is cargo jogger leather pants.

2. If you choose loose style pants, it is better to combine them with a top or a blouse that fits the body. Don’t combine a loose style top and a loose style bottom.

3. Wear them with a pair of sneakers, open sandals or boots. 

Take a look how celebrities style leather outfits! 
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Top 8 Collections of New York Fashion Week

Top 8 Collections of New York Fashion Week

The high-fashion Australian brand Zimmerman is rocking the runway of New York Fashion Week with its new fall collection.

Spotted with the influence of England Fashion in the 18th-19th centuries, the new fall collection had a strong note of it.
In the ready to wear Zimmermann Collection, you can see a return of ruffle shoulders, puffed and frill sleeves, lace frill collars, and bow-ties. Those were inherent Men’s Fashion in England in the 18th -19th century; and now, it has turned into a gorgeous new look for women.
So let’s take a close look at this outstanding New York Fashion Week collection.

The Coach Fall 2020 runway show took us back to the pop culture of the ’80s.
“Creative Director Stuart Vevers imagined a downtown New York art scene, circa 1981, where craft, creativity and self-expression were all part of the daily mix. The vibe: pop heritage.” – Coach
The new collection was presented in a pop-driven way. Blondie’s live performance was rocking the runway with 1980s pop culture.
Almost every single look for both the women and men collections presented a leather piece– whether it be a jacket, skirt or pants. The collection was impressive- using a lot of bold colors: red, green and blue. It showcased mini culottes and mini skirts, multi-layering coats, shirts and sweaters. The stunning final surprise was when Debbie Harry wowed the runway and closed the show. 3. SALLY LA POINTE
This collection stood out with pizzaz. We loved the shimmering navy, chocolate colors. The monochromatic head-to-toe look was also impressing.
Michael Kors is always great about making his collections not only fashionable but wearable. The designer envisioned the upcoming fall season with vichy print in outfits, long maxi skirts in combination with a trench coat. An oversized maxi knitted scarves made the look feel credibly complete.
The Ukrainian brand that pops. Chic, Minimum, Contemporary. There is a pure elegance in this collection, allowing you to truly see the person and not just the clothes themselves. Check it out below.
Gracefulness in motion. Athemetric shoulders, clean lines, over the knee boots, loose-fit coats and covers up– those are just some of parts in the Proenza Schouler Fall 2020 collection. Please see the part of the collection here.
The gorgeous Badgley Mischka Collection filled onlookers with sizzling emotions. The most beautiful dress coats, jackets and gowns were found here. The chosen fabric was simply amazing. The night-sky shimmered with warm rich chocolate fabrics and enveloped you from head to toe in its coziness. The job was done with precision- down to tiniest details. Bravo Badgley Mischka!
Outstanding Self Portrait 2020 collection.
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90s Fashion – How To Style 90s Trends In 2019

90s Fashion – How To Style 90s Trends In 2019

The 90’s Fashion. Let’s check out the best 90s Fashion outfits– mam jeans, boyfriend jacket, oversized shirt, slip dresses.

Fashion Throwback

Kate Moss was dating Johnny Depp; Brad Pit was together with Gwyneth Paltrow. Beverly Hills 90210 was a hit tv show, and the movie Titanic won 11 Oscars.

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss 90s Fashion

Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow

90s Fashion 

A-List actors and actresses have always been style icons then and now: Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Sandra, Bullock Johnny Depp, Brad Pit, Gwyneth Paltrow to name a few.

As you’re probably aware, there were no fashion bloggers or influencers in 90’s and Youtube and Instagram did not exist. So for the most part, the role of style-setters was led by fashion models. Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford were some of the highest-paid fashion models at the time and their popularity was world-famous. For those of you born after 2000, it’s easier to explain their popularity by comparing it to Kendal Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

There was a famous phrase back then spoken by Linda Evangelista: “We do NOT wake up less than 10k a day.”

Linda Evangelista

Let’s check out the best 90’s outfits. As we can see in Linda Evangelista’s 90’s style, the obvious trend was a minimalist combination of white and black colors. Yes, It’s not news that black is always in fashion, but in the 90’s, it got extra millage. Let’s just say “Men In Black” was not only a movie title.

Other 90’s style included “mam” jeans, boyfriend jacket and oversized shirt. Some have even said that the decade had a fashion “cult” whose religion was “borrowed cloth.” It was fashionable to look like you were wearing someone else’s outfit.

Mom Jeans


Mom Jeans

Boyfriend Jacket


Boyfriend Jacket

Oversized Shirt

Oversized shirt

Denim took a specific spot in 90’s outfits, consisting of multi variations and combinations– “from “Mam” style High-rise to low rise jeans. Denim came in a variety of forms, shapes, and colors; and the most interesting, it was all mixed and matched.

Slip dresses were another hot trend of 90’s style: from a transparent to disco multi-colors– like the one we see on Kate Moss.

Slip Dress

Slip Dress

Slip Dress

And we can’t forget about the Titanic Fan’s T-Shirt– the ones that took the streets in 1997 all over the world. In fact, this fashion trend of 90’s style has recently made its return. You can purchase a Titanic Graphic T-Shirt from H&M.

Titanic T-Shirt

We hope you enjoyed a quick glance at the 90’s outfits and style. In short, the 90’s style can be coined as something between disco fashion and the glam rock of 2000’s.

If you want to learn more about fashion and style check these fashion stylist courses.

Gigi Hadid Crushes Runways!

Gigi Hadid Crushes Runways!

New York, London, Milan, Paris, the four most famous fashion destinations each September that attract models, celebrities, photographers, influencers from all over the world. The four cities and it’s September’s runways that you cannot imagine without Gigi Hadid.

Gigi Hadid

One of the most famous supermodels Gigi Hadid hits runways from New York to Paris. Two more days left before Paris Fashion Week ends, which means a grandiose finale is around the corner.

Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Lanvin, Isabel Marant are only a few names from a much longer list of designers who performed their collections during September Fashion Week and Gigi was a part of it.

So let’s see some GiGi Hadid’s best runway looks.

If you want to learn more about fashion and style click here to get a free fashion stylist course.

Gigi Hadid at Marc Jacobs Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid Mar Jacobs Show


Ralph Lauren Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid

Interested in a fashion career? We have a great article about top fashion careers for you.

Tom Ford Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid


Lanvin Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid



Isabel Marant

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid


Burberry Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid



LuisaViaRoma Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid



Off White Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid

Versace Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid


Fendi Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid


Berluti Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid


Michael Kors Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid Michael Kors


Moschino Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid Moschino


Prada Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid Prada

Moschino Fashion Week


Last Minute Vacation Ready! Summer Essentials

Last Minute Vacation Ready! Summer Essentials

September is one of the best times to go on vacation. The sun is warm but not harsh, water is still pleasant, the prices are cheaper and best of all, you will have the beach all to yourself- as the school year has started.


1. Straw hat
It’s difficult to imagine a sunny vacation without this accessory. A straw hat is the Must-Have for every summer.

Style Tip:
Remember to update your straw hat from time to time. Make sure the style of your straw hat says today.

This is our editor pick for straw hats 2019.

2. Swim Suit
It’s difficult to forget a swimsuit for a sunny vacation but it can happen to the best of us. This years trend among swimwear is neon color.

Style Tip:
Make sure to grab a couple of swimsuits with you and choose a neon swimsuit as a secondary choice. Do not wear yellow/green neon color if your skin has not been on the sun yet. It can create a greenish, unhealthy look. Instead, keep this color suit for the last days of your vacation when you have some color.

3. Beach Cover Up.
White is always a great option. This year trend in cover ups is wide sleeves.

Style Tip:
Choose cover ups with the next size up from your regular dress size. For example, if you wear M, choose L for your cover up. Keep it stylish.

4. Summer Dress and Playsuit
A dress and a playsuit made from natural fabrics are a fantastic option. Fabrics like linen and cotton are hot trends this season. Must Haves are Bandeau and backless styles.
Choose white, off white or sand colors.

Style Tip:
Stay comfortable. Remember, natural materials do not have stretch in it, so make sure you choose a proper size for your cloth.
For those of you who do not like to have your summer dress or a playsuit in white color– neutral and sand colors are a beautiful trendy option.

5. High Waist Linen Shorts and/or Pants

One of the hottest trends is high waisted shorts or pants in natural fabric– like linen or cotton. Choose straight or wide-leg pants and cropped culottes with a high waist.

Style Tip:
It looks great with cropped and bandeau tops. Choose shorts or pants in natural colors like sand and off white.

6. Bandeau, Cropped and Silk Tops
Bandeau and cropped tops are still in trend season. Take for your vacation a variety of colors and fabrics.

Style Tip:
Choose natural fabrics and wear it with high west shorts, trousers or skirts.

7. Straw Bag
Straw Bags have been a headliner this season: round, over the shoulder, basket style, shopper style. You can choose from a variety of styles and forms.

8. Outwear
September nights can be a bit refreshing. To stay cozy take some jackets. Leather jacket, kimono style jacket, cardigan, denim jacket just to name a few are trending this season.

Style Tip:
If you choose a leather jacket, take white or nude colors as it suits better for a sunny vacation. A Kimono style jacket looks great in white and black colors. You can even use your Kimono mini dress as a jacket and wear it with trousers and a top.

Feel free to share this article with your friends or family who may need a few fashion ideas for this season.

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