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Your complete Crop Top fashion guide is here.
Today you will find out what is the best way to style a crop top in 2020, what colors and fabrics to choose.

So let’s start.

Crop Top

1. Trendy Combination

Crop top trend came to fashion game at the time when high rise pants and skirts were escalated in their popularity. And now this fashion combo is beloved by many of us. And no wonder why–the combination of crop top and high rise pants or skirts are the best. From casual to city chic look to night out look – it’s possible to create an outfit for any occasion.
And the most wonderful about it – it suits any body.

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The latest trendy style combo for a crop top is low rise pants or skirt. This trend wave recently came back from 2000s fashion. Therefore you can see the outfits with a crop top and low rise pants on New York and Los Angeles streets.

Style tip for the low rise: if your body type allows you to combine a crop top with low rise pants– go ahead and try that trendy combo. And if your body type is more Curve– prefer to go with high rise pants instead.

Crop top and low rise

2. Style and Colors

It’s important to know that the style of tops changes with time. So right now in 2020, the trendy crop top style is fitted style, another name – tight fit.

Style tip: wear a fitted crop top with an oversized blazer and a slim leather belt.

Crop top with blazer @modedamour

Photo: @modedamour

A fitted crop top can have a different neckline style. But the ones that are in fashion right now and look good are square necklines with wide strap–similar to Tank Top look.

Crop top @modedamour

Photo: @modedamour

Another trendy style neckline is strapless crop top. Most of the time it is used for a night-out look.

Style tip: for casual look wear it with paperwaist high rise pants, cargo pants or baggy loose fit jeans. Remember the style principle–when top is fitted, the bottom needs to be a loose fit and vice versa. Of course, exceptions happened but when you follow this principle your style being on point is guaranteed.

Crop top and Cargo Pants

Black Crop top

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The stylish color for tops in 2020 is an ecru color scheme – from off white to beige colors. The secondary colors are pure white and black. The last is must-have when you need to create an evening look. Of course, it is possible to go with a white color choice for an evening look during summertime. Otherwise, black is more often used.

3. Ribbed Fabric

Extremely in trend is ribbed tops. It’s casual fabric that suits the day time outfits the best. If you are getting ready for a night out event we would recommend choosing different patterns and fabrics.

Crop Top Ribbed

4. Night Out Look

A strapless crop top is the first choice you may think to go with. And, It’s true– it will never go out of style for a night-out look.

On the other hand, the long sleeve crop top is likewise great for evening looks. And here is why. Long sleeve crop top gives you the ability to play with fabric combinations – therefore you can choose one fabric for sleeve another for the rest. It gives you more creativity. Also when you have long sleeve crop top you less worry what to wear on top, that what you usually do with strapless top.

Night Out Crop Top

Silk, leather, and metal – those are the stylish fabric choices that suit night out events the best.
The outstanding fabrics combination for the 2020s evening look is silk and leather. Those two look exceptional together.

One-shoulder Crop Tops always look more dressy than rest, that’s why those are a good choice for night out or cocktail events as well.

Crop top @shonajoy_

Photo: @shonajoy_

Style tip: Try transparent long sleeves for a dramatic look, optional crystal application. When you choose a crop top for night out– the most important is a fabric choice, secondary is a style. Avoid cotton, ribbed and floral print– better choose silk, leather, one tone and transparent fabrics.

Black Crop Top

Try silk long sleeve crop top and leather pants combination to create a mind-blowing evening look.

To save your time on research we prepare a Cute Crop Tops Guide for you with shoppable links. Enjoy!

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