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September is one of the best times to go on vacation. The sun is warm but not harsh, water is still pleasant, the prices are cheaper and best of all, you will have the beach all to yourself- as the school year has started.


1. Straw hat
It’s difficult to imagine a sunny vacation without this accessory. A straw hat is the Must-Have for every summer.

Style Tip:
Remember to update your straw hat from time to time. Make sure the style of your straw hat says today.

This is our editor pick for straw hats 2019.

2. Swim Suit
It’s difficult to forget a swimsuit for a sunny vacation but it can happen to the best of us. This years trend among swimwear is neon color.

Style Tip:
Make sure to grab a couple of swimsuits with you and choose a neon swimsuit as a secondary choice. Do not wear yellow/green neon color if your skin has not been on the sun yet. It can create a greenish, unhealthy look. Instead, keep this color suit for the last days of your vacation when you have some color.

3. Beach Cover Up.
White is always a great option. This year trend in cover ups is wide sleeves.

Style Tip:
Choose cover ups with the next size up from your regular dress size. For example, if you wear M, choose L for your cover up. Keep it stylish.

4. Summer Dress and Playsuit
A dress and a playsuit made from natural fabrics are a fantastic option. Fabrics like linen and cotton are hot trends this season. Must Haves are Bandeau and backless styles.
Choose white, off white or sand colors.

Style Tip:
Stay comfortable. Remember, natural materials do not have stretch in it, so make sure you choose a proper size for your cloth.
For those of you who do not like to have your summer dress or a playsuit in white color– neutral and sand colors are a beautiful trendy option.

5. High Waist Linen Shorts and/or Pants

One of the hottest trends is high waisted shorts or pants in natural fabric– like linen or cotton. Choose straight or wide-leg pants and cropped culottes with a high waist.

Style Tip:
It looks great with cropped and bandeau tops. Choose shorts or pants in natural colors like sand and off white.

6. Bandeau, Cropped and Silk Tops
Bandeau and cropped tops are still in trend season. Take for your vacation a variety of colors and fabrics.

Style Tip:
Choose natural fabrics and wear it with high west shorts, trousers or skirts.

7. Straw Bag
Straw Bags have been a headliner this season: round, over the shoulder, basket style, shopper style. You can choose from a variety of styles and forms.

8. Outwear
September nights can be a bit refreshing. To stay cozy take some jackets. Leather jacket, kimono style jacket, cardigan, denim jacket just to name a few are trending this season.

Style Tip:
If you choose a leather jacket, take white or nude colors as it suits better for a sunny vacation. A Kimono style jacket looks great in white and black colors. You can even use your Kimono mini dress as a jacket and wear it with trousers and a top.

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