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Summer is around the corner so it’s time to think about shopping and what new outfits to choose. After being quarantined at home, women closets around the world are full of PJs, home outfits, and other sleepy “fits all size” sets.

I think we’d all agree, we’re ready for a new chapter –in our social life– especially after being isolated and locked from the entire world.

As social life is essential I believe that fashion is a part of it. By fashion I mean fashion and style, of course, those two elements are like a honeymoon couple who are always together.

Sitting at home is almost over; let’s prepare to shine again so when you will go out – you will look your best.

Check out the new trends and cute summer outfits for this season.

1. High-Rise Pants, Culottes, and Shorts

It does not matter what you choose among this trio either high-rise pants, culottes or shorts, use the same style tips for each of them. Pragmatically speaking, the only difference among them is the length- which varies from full to midi to short.

Style tips: choose neutral colors: ecru, white, off-white, and beige. Those colors have kept the top style position for the last couple of seasons. It’s not surprising as it’s an ideal time for white outfits. Wear them with crop tops, bodysuits, tuck in blouses or a t-shirt.

Fit: This summer choose high-rise pants with a rounded belt and/or the paper-bag waist. Keep a relaxed style: a wide or straight leg.

Significant Details: high-rise, rounded belt, paper-bag waist, spaghetti ankle tie, wide-leg fit.
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Wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants

High-rise pants

High-rise pants

2. Cargo Pants

Army inspired, cargo pants are a hit this summer season. Wide, straight, or tapered at the end leg is all good.

Style tip: all colors of ecru are great, also tan and olive colors too. When you go shopping, choose a loose fit. Cargo pants that have slim fit are losing the style magic. Wear them with a simple, no pattern top and crop blazer to create a very chic and cute summer outfit.

Army boots and elegant sandals go great with it.

Significant Details: high-rise, loose fit, cargo style details – pockets and belts.
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Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants

Crop top and Cargo Pants

3. Crop Top

Style tips: choose ecru color scheme – off white, beige, sand or black colors. This summer, create a total look in the monochromatic ecru color scheme – you will have the wow effect. On the other hand, a black color top and an ecru bottom are also stylish and chic combinations. Wear a crop top with high -rise pants, short or culottes.

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Crop Tops

White Crop Top

4. Suit Sets

The suit sets– a short and a top combination to be exact are blooming this summer and considered one of the must-haves. Moreover, sets are also very cute.

Style tips: choose a monochromatic color scheme and wear it with a multi-layer necklace.

Significant Details: ecru color scheme, crop tops, bubble sleeves, mid or high-rise shorts, and loose fit.
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Cute Summer Outfits

Cute Summer Outfits

Cute Summer Outfits

Stay in touch for more summer outfits trends and updates to keep you on the fashion track.