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We recently received a question from a reader that we wanted to share with you.  She asked, “What things besides clothing can change my look for the better?”

Inherent in her question is the understanding (consciously or otherwise) that clothes are not the only thing needed to create the right style/image. So what other components bring out the best image of you?

1. Makeup – and not just finding the right kind (ingredients) for your skin but also finding the right colors for your skin tone to highlight your beauty. One thing many women forget is that discovering the right foundation is vital to creating a more natural appearance. Also, don’t forget your lips! The right color can brighten your entire face.

Spring/Summer Makeup Trend 2019

2. Accessories – This Spring/Summer: Pearl Hair slides are one of the biggest trends in 2019. Whatever item you choose, you want it to stand out and not clash with your attire. So a rule of thumb: the more simple your clothes, the bigger and more bling (accessories) you can wear vice versa.

3. Heels – Nothing adds that special something like the right heels on a spring/summer day (or night:). A note of wisdom, however: studies have shown that wearing your heels for more than three days a week can cause ankle issues, muscle imbalances, along with back pain and deformed feet. So like everything: do it in moderation.

Shoes: DIOR


4. A smile -this is the universal language of real beauty.