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If you’re dreaming about fashion careers and you’re not sure what steps to take, my suggestion is to start by discovering the positions that are available and needed in this exciting field.

If someone thought that the only job that existed in fashion industry was a seamstress or Editor at a fashion magazine, it would severely limit their options.  On the contrary, if they are aware of the pathways to pursue, it gives them a clearer perspective. Also it added leverage to make a wiser decision for their career path.

So let me help shed some light on real possibilities that may interest you in the fashion industry.


Fashion Careers


Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer is a person who designs clothing and accessories. One of the most important aspects of this role is to have a vision of design, an idea.  Typically, a fashion designer puts their vision on paper (as fashion sketches). The creative process begins with illustrations and ends with a finished product.  They can do tailoring themselves or hire a tailor to do it.  Often, top fashion designers have a team of tailors.  This can also depend on a few factors: how big the fashion house they’re working at is, whether or not it’s a private tailoring company or an Haute Couture House in Europe. It is one of the most desirable among fashion careers.

Fashion Editor 

Fashion Editor is a person that oversees the process of creating, developing and presenting content for the fashion department of a magazine, online fashion magazines, newspaper, TV Shows, etc.  Work includes writing and editing articles, supervising other writers and editors, formulating and styling fashion photo shoots, choosing photos for publications, choosing fashion items and latest trends for publication.

Fashion Stylist

Fashion Stylist (also known as Wardrobe Stylist, Personal Stylist or Image Consultant) is a consultant who selects and style the clothing.  Why there are so many names?  Well, it is because the term fashion stylist is a more general. While the term personal stylist and image consultant are pointed towards a specialty: one-on-one consultation/private consultation with a client. In such consultation, the fashion stylist goes into more depth and detail in discovering their client’s personality, goals, needs to name a few, and only then creates a personal style/ image for them.

The work of a fashion stylist varies from editorials, online apparels company, one-on-one consultations with clients, to working with fashion magazines.  Furthermore, almost every online apparel company has its own fashion stylist whose main task is to style clothing for e-commerce photoshoots on a daily basis. Also, it’s common for a fashion stylist to help fashion designers style their clothing before fashion week or a photo shoot.  The bottom line: a fashion stylist is a person who creates the “finished look” in a variety of fashion circles.

Fashion Writer

Fashion Writer is a person who in journalist in the fashion industry.  This includes fashion writers, fashion critics, and fashion reporters. Typical work includes writing and editing articles, along with taking interviews. Their work can be featured in magazines, online fashion websites, newspapers, TV Shows, etc.

Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photographer is a photographer who focuses on the fashion.  They capture and showcase clothing, shoes, accessories (that often times worn by models/celebrities) in a desirable picture. Almost every online apparel company has a fashion photographer on their team. Their job includes e-commerce and advertisement photoshoots (published or/and online editorial).  Fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle collaborate with fashion photographers on a constant basis.

Fashion Marketing and PR

Marketing and PR in Fashion are the same general marketing, the only difference here is the fashion field. So if you have a passion for marketing and fashion, this may be a good avenue to pursue.

New Fashion Careers

Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger is one of the newest among fashion careers. Fashion Blogger is a person who combines the skill of a fashion stylist, a fashion photographer, a fashion writer, and a fashion marketer. Typical work includes choosing and creating the finished look/style, capturing photos of the ready look, writing posts and doing marketing. If becoming a fashion blogger seems appealing to you, there are four skills that would greatly enhance your credibility and influence: the fundamentals of fashion styling, marketing, writing, and photography.  And, I recommend taking these classes in the following sequence:

Fashion Stylist Course

Fashion Photography Course

Fashion Writing Course

Marketing/ PR Course.

The good news: you have alternatives in education.  You can choose to go to a college or university and spend  4+ year of your life (and money) taking classes you may need or not need; or you can choose a focused, intensive path of immersion that not only saves you time and money, but that will equip you with real life skills to achieve the results you desire.Therefore to find a good fashion school that provides short intense courses is the key.

So the point is: having valid options gives you leverage to make the most effective decisions for your career path.  Whatever path you choose, make sure it’s your passion and suits your gifts. It’s paramount to do what you love– because that is a huge part of being the best version of you!