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Lately, a new dynamic has been spotted: early 2000s fashion. Supermodels Emily Ratajkowski, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber were strolling New York and Los Angeles streets in outfits reminiscent of 2000s fashion. Celebrities and models have always been trendsetters and often lead the way in new trends.  So by seeing them wearing something from the 2000s, makes us think… a new trend might be on its way.  And if so, one can’t help but ask: how long will it hold?

Low Rise Jeans

Low rise baggy trousers or jeans, cargo style pants, joggers or jeans, crop tops, graphic tees, leather outfits, and platform shoes– all identifying with 2000s fashion. 

You may be not thrilled to see the low rise trend back in the fashion game. And it’s completely expected — to rock low rise pants with crop top requires one to have the shape to pull it off. As the main point of the early 2000s fashion is to show off perfect abs. Indeed, it can be challenging for most of us.

Who knows if this fashion trend will last; but if you love fashion, you need to be aware of this trend and know how to style it.

Let’s take a closer look at 2000s fashion trends and see how celebrities style them in 2020!


Leather Outfits

Leather outfits were another hot trend in the early 2000s fashion. The most commonly used colors were red and black at that time. You can see Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Spice Girls wearing total leather outfits in the early 2000s.
2000s fashion

2000s fashion

This year at fashion week 2020, many designers presented new collections with leather outfits. Everything in leather: leather pants, leather tops, leather coats, leather jumpsuits, leather skirts, leather dresses, wet leather look, matte leather look, and on and on. Catwalks were shining with leather as they were shown off in different shapes, colors, and silhouettes.  



So if you’re thinking to go with this trend, here are a few style tips:

1. Get loose style leather pants, don’t go with skinny pants anymore. High rise pants style is still in fashion- along with low rise pants. Both are popular now, so either option is acceptable. The key is to choose what suits your body the best. Also, a great choice is cargo jogger leather pants.

2. If you choose loose style pants, it is better to combine them with a top or a blouse that fits the body. Don’t combine a loose style top and a loose style bottom.

3. Wear them with a pair of sneakers, open sandals or boots. 

Take a look how celebrities style leather outfits! 
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